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Creative City Limits: Urban Cultural Economy in a New Era of Austerity

Monday 19th November


Venue: Room G07, Pearson Building, Gower Street, UCL.

Its just to the left as you enter the main UCL quadrangle off Gower Street. Please ask in the Porters Lodge if you have dificulties accessing the building. See: http://www.ucl.ac.uk/locations/ucl-maps/map2_hi_res

Speakers: Andrew Harris and Louis Moreno (UCL Urban Laboratory)

Discussants: Roberta Comunian (KCL), David Madden (LSE) and Tom Bolton (Centre for Cities)

Creative cities have become a key focus for theorizing and planning urban development over the past twenty years. But the instigation of a new era of fiscal austerity poses significant tests for this agenda of urban creativity. Arguably the creative city notion has flourished within the context of a long credit-fuelled boom in financial services and real estate. What does a period of economic stagnation and retrenchment mean for creative city thinking and policy-making? How can the present situation be used to reassess what the creative city means or could mean? Reflecting on and developing ideas and discussions from a cross-disciplinary research network run last year, Andrew Harris and Louis Moreno will suggest and explore several ways that the creative city might begin to be challenged and reformulated.

Please visit www.creativecitylimits.org for further information on the network and to download a summary pamphlet.

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